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Employment Background

False claims on the job application or resume as to past job experience, education, training and criminal history are common and not unusual. Whether your potential hire is entry level or a professional management executive, we can research and verify your applicant's background, and confirm or contradict every statement made on a resume or application. Serious liability issues can arise from irresponsible and negligent hiring. Be sure you are hiring the most qualified applicant by screening for any psychological problems, violent past or prior criminal acts such as Theft, Assaults, Rape, Sexual Harassment / Stalking, Drug or weapon offenses.

As an employer, you need to know that it is your duty and legal responsibility to keep your business and employees safe from potential harm and liability. Several states have already instituted the Negligent Hire Act. Know who you are hiring before a lawsuit, or any other damaging incident occurs which could potentially put you out of business.

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