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Uniform Security Services

ABCO Investigations
ABCO Investigations is a legitimately licensed and fully-insured agency with properly trained personnel who have all passed criminal background security clearance. Our staff consists of highly trained professionals to include current and former State, County, local police, F.B.I. and military personnel with specialized backgrounds. Before an employee is considered for licensing with ABCO, we also run full and complete background checks to include the following areas:
  • Verify Social Security Number
  • Driving Records
  • Education Verification
  • Personal References
  • Criminal / Arrest History
  • Workers Compensation
  • Employment History
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Drug Testing
  • Uniformed Security Services
There are companies all over the country that operate without licenses, insurance or proper training. Some companies hire individuals without conducting proper background investigations which leaves YOU open to huge liability and costly lawsuits. There are many incidents where unlicensed security guards have been charged with violent crimes or other misconduct while on the job. When these incidents do occur you will find in most cases the individual has a criminal history.

When you have made the decision to hire an unarmed security guard, you will need to decide on what type of Guard Company will best suit your needs. They are easily divided in to the (2) two categories of nationwide and independent. They are very different and each has its advantages. The nationwide companies operate on razor thin profits and pay the guards rock-bottom wages.

The big advantages to you are the low initial cost and the comfort of knowing that they probably will not be going out of business tomorrow.

The downside is low employee retention, inadequate backgrounds, typically low quality employees and impersonal service.

If squeezing that last penny is the client's absolute only concern, then nationwide service is the way to go. The downside of an independent company is generally a slightly higher hourly rate. The advantage of an independent company is more personalized service directly from the owner enhancing client satisfaction, a typically higher quality trained officer, better retention and faster response to problems and emergencies.


ABCO's objective is to ensure a safe and secure environment for you, your family, your business or organization, whether on a continuing basis, seasonal or just for your special occasions or events. ABCO utilizes the most modern and contemporary equipment available. We are proud of our success in the security field and work hard for our client's interests.

Security guard services and guard patrol services are a great asset to consider. ABCO Investigations and Protection agency will provide you with superior security personnel. Our main objective is to keep your property, business and your client's safe from harm and act as a crime deterrent. Our security and protection services can be customized to fit your security needs. We will do an on-site evaluation and describe what type of security is needed.

Recognizing that every situation is unique, we work closely with you and your staff giving personalized attention to every security & training detail to specifically meet your needs. We will then custom design and provide you with security services that are efficient, cost efficient, cost effective and confidential.

Our reputation depends on how our agents present themselves and handle themselves while on the job. Our business will not succeed if our employees leave a bad impression with the public and business/property owners. It is our priority to have a good public image and to keep our clients and the public satisfied.


All of ABCO's security personnel are properly trained. They are required to take 30-hour classroom instruction accompanied with on the job training on the following issues:
  • Public Relations - Courtesy
  • Liability
  • Use of Force Issues
  • Company Rules & Regulations
  • No Touch / No Detention*
  • Personal Conduct & Appearance
  • State / Federal / Local Laws
  • Patrol Techniques
Our agents are fully trained to handle situations which apply to your individual and specialized needs. Our officers are required to dress professionally, be well groomed, courteous and well-equipped at all times.

Unlike our armed security officers, our unarmed security officers do not carry or have access to firearms. The unarmed officer can perform vehicle patrols, foot patrols of properties or maintain a stationary post in environments considered low risk. The unarmed officer is a highly visible threat deterrent. The officer is able to maintain a slow but continuous patrol of areas and alert the authorities if needed.

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