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Background Investigations

BEWARE of the cheap and instant on-line background checks that claim to give you immediate results. On-line sites will search through free public record searches and sometimes retrieve outdated information leading the purchaser to believe it's current. The companies that try to sell you these services are not licensed private investigators. Proper and authentic background checks take time and effort to retrieve true accurate information. Most times the information that is supplied by these on-line sites is already known and they cannot give you the most recent information you are after. It is estimated that more than 40% of applicants falsify some information on their resumes or applications and about 5% of the work force has a criminal backround. Not knowing exactly who you are hiring can be expensive. Some sources estimate the cost of employee turnover at three months' salary for each position. Let ABCO provide background investigations for pre-employment, tenants, babysitter/nanny services, boyfriend/girlfriend (check-mate) or for any other purpose. You need to know before it's too late. ABCO uses the most current databases available to give you the most up to date information.

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