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Counter Surveillance (Bug Sweep Detection)

Despite the laws that are designed to protect us from these types of personal invasions of privacy, "bugs" and wiretaps are used to spy on people. For example, in difficult divorce cases, business partners, or even your friends can be monitoring your every word. There are also predators that set up cameras in women's and men's restrooms or dressing rooms to watch or film you when they know you would least expect it. Hotel rooms are often the site for these types of devices. There are some common signs to look out for if you think you are being bugged. We will go over them with you and discuss your options. With so many ways to obtain "bugging" devices, anyone can install them, anywhere. The internet and "Spy Stores" have made it easy for anyone to put together a listening device in no time. ABCO can sweep your area and tell you if in fact you're being watched. Don't let anyone violate your right to privacy.

10545 Friendship Road | Unit #1 Berlin, MD 21811 | 443-513-4198 | Fax: 443-513-4392 | abcoinvestigations@yahoo.com

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