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Child Care Surveillance

Unfortunately there is a need for this service. There have been so many reported cases of child abuse over the years that having a hidden camera installed is almost necessary. You don't want to accuse anyone of abuse or theft without the proper evidence. Did your son or daughter fall or were they pushed? Did you misplace your jewelry or money, or was it stolen? Before you approach your child's caregiver, let us give you the proof you need. ABCO can have a hidden camera positioned in your home that will put your mind at ease. These cameras are undetectable and will record movement to a digital video recorder. (DVR) If the camera is in plain view, the subject will avoid that area. That is why a covert camera is the right choice. There are many types of hidden cameras that will go completely unnoticed. They can be installed in just about anything. We have cameras that are as small as a penny, disguised as clock radios and just about anything you can imagine. Let us tell you what your options are and protect your child and home.

10545 Friendship Road | Unit #1 Berlin, MD 21811 | 443-513-4198 | Fax: 443-513-4392 | abcoinvestigations@yahoo.com

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